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The PMA Second Quarter FY 2008 Scorecard



ALERT #08-28 presents comments on the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) Initiatives, as reflected in the scorecard for the Second Quarter, FY 2008, ending 31 March 2008 and the comments released on 7 May 2008 by OMB’s Deputy Director for Management and the PMA Initiative Owners.  The easiest place at which to download all the PMA information is from OMB’s website.

From or one may download the FY 2008 2nd Quarter data and earlier PMA scorecards. The scorecard for the FY 2008 2nd Quarter is  .  OMB Director for Management Clay Johnson III reports an overview of the federal government’s management status for the 2008 2nd quarter is at[1].pdf .  His quarterly summary is entitled, “What Does All This Green on the Management Scorecard Really Mean?”  Mr. Johnson says that more than half the scores were green of the 26 agencies rated..  Labor, SSA and the EPA had all green across all five initiatives.  Only OMB had a significant change this last quarter, two initiatives moved from red to yellow and two for yellow to green.

For remarks by the individual initiative owners released 7 May 2008, go to:


Performance Improvement Initiative (Robert Shea: “Performance Improvement Efforts Show Real Results”): .  Mr. Shea commended State and USAID for reaching green on this Initiative.  It has not been an easy collaboration between them since they were directed to share many aspects of foreign aid implementation while the State Department maintained its responsibilities in international diplomacy and managing embassy and consulate facilities throughout the world.  Mr. Shea further made encouraging remarks about the progress of the Education Department’s Reading First program.


Competitive Sourcing Initiative (Paul Denett: “Agency Competitive Sourcing Reports Show Ongoing Benefits of Public-Private Competition”):  Mr. Dennet said that actual savings (i.e., baseline costs, less actual costs) are approaching $1.9 billion.  That figure represents a 96% increase in cumulative actual savings from that achieved through the end of FY 2006.   


E-Government Initiative (Karen Evans: “E-Gov: Securing our Government and Improving Disaster Assistance”): Ms. Evans referred to progress in Trusted Internet Connections, the International Trade Data System, the Disaster Assistance Improvement Plan, and the Expanding Electronic Government Initiatives, including GovBenefits, the Grants Management Line of Business, Federal Enterprise Architecture, and IT Privacy and Security. 


Strategic Management of Human Capital Initiative (Linda Springer: “Strategic Human Capital Management: Leading the Way through Our People and Systems”):  Ms. Springer specifically mentioned advances in the Intelligence Community, USAID, OPM’s Human Capital Program that successfully links to agency performance,  the Federal Hiring Process, and agency Human Capital Management Reports.


Financial Performance Initiative (Danny Werfel: “Improving Prevention of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in Use of Government Charge Cards”):  Mr. Werfel concentrated his quarterly review on improving prevention of Waste, Fraud, and Abuse in the use of Government Charge Cards.  An Appendix B update in OMB Circular A-123 will be completed in the near future to strengthen internal controls..

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